“You need chaos in your soul”

What was before the beginning? We keep asking this question and with questions, we are capable to learn more and to teach what we learn.

Creation comes from destruction, which is the essence of evolution.   


People are very afraid of chaos, sometimes even just the word itself although we need to realize that we need to be grateful for any chaos that appears in our lives.


The first feeling that runs through us, when we think of chaos, is a dark one: a feeling of a void, of darkness, of disorder and sometimes of war. The bible, by the way, used this word a few times – but to explain a process, which chaos really is.


In Greek mythology, chaos is the source of all that exists, before the first gods were created and in the Torah, you can see the same idea as in the Genesis book. According to Greek mythology, it also said that chaos was the energy that created the four nature element: fire, water, earth and air. 


Chaos is unpredictable; it can't be foreseen or be planned for, which makes sense of why people get scared when speaking this word. But chaos is a kind of a 'kick-start' to a bigger source of energy, of the Universe and even the multi-verse. The universe grew and grows in an infinite flow, which means that the universe needs the chaos to assist with the growth.


Chaos is always on the move, so we can learn from chaos its dynamics and how to apply this to our daily lives. Life is unpredictable and always changing and on the move (flow). We do not need to chaos for it is a critical part of our live force and it is within each and every one of us: Our core and essence.


Chaos theory studies the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions—a response popularly referred to as the butterfly effect. Surprised? Don't be. The butterfly is one of the symbols of life and death or in other words – transformation and rebirth.


So in spite of what society thinks of chaos (a complete disorder) we learn, once again, that we need to understand better and to search for the truth ourselves. 


Chaos is not an end; it's a beginning.


Often as I have helped create in the physical world – projects and programs – I have created chaos at the beginning. Since the universe always creates out of chaos I decided long ago to borrow the same tool. This is especially helpful when what you have to work with has problems or is unclear. Rather than try to correct old problems… stir the pot and see what comes forth. I know this sounds a bit crazy, but I have found it works quite well. Contrary medicine maybe – but effective medicine none the less.


One reason this chaos approach works is that things partially done or with some issues already have some negative energy. Chaos helps clear that negativity. It can also create a common bond between others involved rather than animosity, which may exist from past mistakes or false starts. Together the chaos is faced and a way to use this powerful energy is found.


Whether you learn to accept chaos when it appears and work through it or create some of your own chaos and use the power of its’ creative force – it is better to learn to be a friend of chaos rather than an enemy fearing it.Chaos