Water Is Life – the Movement

Water is Life
Jim Graywolf Petruzzi



Mni Waconi – Water is Life. As an organization our job is to educate about the issues we see in relation to natural resources. Others can take action or speak to our politicians. We hope to continually provide the background information as we can check out it's factual content. Many natural elements are badly stressed and getting worse. We share about renewable fuels and we share the destruction being done by the fossil fuel industry. We have also shared viewpoints from the other side. Then those we serve can make their decisions and act as they see fit. Water is a lead element in this teaching… without water all else matters not at all. Some of us have gone to areas where action and protests have been taking place and reported on it. Teachers and reporters – our roles. One such mission was to Standing Rock. I include some thoughts below.

The attack on our water is not an American problem – not just a Turtle Island problem – this is a Global problem. And I don’t mean just Standing Rock. I began to see that soon after arriving at Standing Rock in October 2016. I had a wonderful meeting with LaDonna Allard (who began the protest there) and her husband – and other incredibly amazing people like Daphne Singingtree. I went into sweat lodges asking for guidance and asking for thoughts. I felt strongly that this effort could not just be Standing Rock. And so I accessed my spiritual side – asking for guidance and I was shown very clearly that we need to continue to support Standing Rock and bring the issues to our readers for their education and consideration.  In fact, since mainstream media ignored Standing Rock we started We Are The Media – where the people became the media.


But that’s not enough. When we talked with LaDonna in Sacred Stones Camp, I knew more was needed and she also agreed. I remember LaDonna saying to my wife Sue and I, “Do whatever you need to do to bring in as many people as you can, let people know, get people energized, get them to be part of this”. I took this to heart.  The Water is Life Movement has since come out of the Standing Rock efforts and we strive to report and teach about the state of our waters globally. 


What is the black snake we hear about? It comes from a very old Native American prophecy that the time will come when a huge black snake attacks the land and the people and the head must be cut off that snake to allow positive, healthy human growth. Many elders say this is the black oil pipelines now assaulting our land and water everywhere. What is important to note is that this snake has many heads and all must be cut off. Each time a new pipeline is foisted on people another head appears. To destroy this black snake we must teach how to leave fossil fuels behind now and develop the renewable energy forms now available – and in use elsewhere.


There are efforts all over this planet similar to Standing Rock. The effort in Iowa, which is the other piece to the same snake that attacks Standing Rock, and where people are being arrested. And Florida where we now have a good friend who is leading efforts with a huge pipeline coming from Georgia and down through Florida. And Apache Flats, Flint, Michigan, Navajo land, Big Bend in Texas, Pennsylvania, Utah and on and on. Beyond the U.S. there are other parts of the World: Switzerland, France, Australia, New Zealand and once again I could go on an on. Great Britain! These black snakes are everywhere. If we are truly going to win this war – and make no mistake this is a war – a war on the Earth and Her people… If we are going to win it we have got to come together. Water is Life is not a string of protests – it is a Movement! And must be for us to win. We will continue to bring information about this movement forward. And we will share what those not aligned with renewable energy have to say. Again, we will teach and share – you will each decide.