Using Nature to Heal Yourself

Nature Heal

Nature has always been a primary place of healing for all creatures – including and especially humans. Our relative creatures can easily and effectively use the power of nature to heal themselves because they have no mental blocks or doubts. And they are closely connected, with most of them living in nature. We humans need to release some fears and doubts before we can effectively tsp into the Earth Mother’s healing energy. Nothing new in this – many speak about it. What is new, perhaps, is the intensity of this energy and the need we now have of it.

When we share energy, healing and love together we often use nature. We speak of our favorite spots in nature and journey to them together. Both of our ‘safe places’ [another tool we will develop further in the future] are in the midst of natural settings. And our animal guides – eagle and wolf – who now work with us as one, take us to natural places throughout any journeying we may do. None of this is coincidence of course as anyone spiritually growing finds more and more deep exposure to nature a necessity. Those who do not accept this lose a large dose of personal medicine they could develop.

We humans have become more and more isolated from nature, accepting pills and surgeries in place of natural healing. And going to mental care practitioners rather than immersing ourselves in the natural world. The result is systems – mind, body, spirit, emotions, sexuality and dreams – totally out of balance. Nature holds cures for all these imbalances. And the Earth Mother is offering all She can to use right now. So we will make all the changes we can in our relationships with her.

Jim has, over the years, seen amazing healing and growth events supported by nature. He has watched the energy of the natural world enter into someone or some creature who is ill and be used to make dramatic positive changes. Sharon, in the past 18 months, has seen and felt changes in herself as she and Jim connect that are supported and enhanced by the natural world. Together they have asked Father Sky and Mother Earth to assist them as Eaglewolf and have been given the energy and knowledge needed for whatever they are working on.

Those who think because some of the ‘medicine’ of the natural world is energetic in nature that it is not effective have lost touch with what healing is all about. It is chemical substances used for cures that are unnatural – things from the Earth Mother that are natural. These, too, can be balanced. Using a man made medicine to ease pain is sometimes needed, as long as other means are used to get to the causes. We have spoken of this before. And the ways we can use the natural world for healing and growth go way beyond the body.

Just being in nature begins to provide balance. In the past we humans spent 6 times the amount of time in nature then they now do. So making conscious efforts to add this time helps bring balance and harmony to our entire being. Even science has shown this to be true.

Spiritually we have said how much we rely on nature. We give thanks all the time for our strong connection to it. We welcome Father Sky and Mother Earth into us as we connect. Each time we do we become less tired, more energetic, more focused and more connected as one. Powerful medicine. And we have become aware of teachings in all the elements of self we explore – mind, body, spirit, emotions, sexuality and dreams – when we explore them in nature. Try it – not once, but for a period of time – and see what comes to you. Whether it is letting your brain relax, your emotions come forth or sexually energy, Kundalini, flow through you – it is yours to tap and use. And save for when you need it as well.

Our biggest disconnect as a species now is with the Earth Mother and our natural world. So it makes sense to go to it for the tools we need to repair this. And to see – truly see – what we must repair.

Spiritually we have found we can soar together and learn so much more about ourselves through nature. Our spirits are connected to the natural world almost as they are to each other. We hold powerful mirrors in front of each other and we also allow and welcome nature holding powerful mirrors in front of us together.

Stop reading now and consider going outside. 🙂

~ Eaglewolf

Sharon and Jim