Sue Graywolf sings the Grandmother Song in Navajo land


I, Jim Graywolf, have been delivering workshops on spirit and nature with groups and individually for many years. These workshops have been geared to many audiences – from children, to students to seniors; from challenged to exceptional; from businesses to community groups. When Sue Graywolf and I became a couple in 2009 we began creating new workshops and circles as people asked and as Creator guided us to do. During that time we have had the honor of travelling around the U.S. and Europe, sharing what we know and learning from others.

The workshops the Graywolves create are often crafted to needs and wants of the group. Below you will see a sample 2-½ day workshop from 2012 and many of the topics that can be chosen. This year, 2013, Jim and Sue are offering Native Spirituality and Healing – a Hand’s On Workshop. The thoughts behind this are also shared below.

Jim and Sue strongly believe in the prophecy of the four colors coming together in peace to share their teachings and ceremonies and, in so doing, create a healthier world for the seven generations – the children to come. This is the basis for Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother, the non-profit they both serve. And this prophecy is what Jim and Sue were taught by their teachers and elders over the years.

It is with this sharing in mind that Jim and Sue travel sharing what they have been taught. Always sharing in a good way and in a way meant to foster unity and harmony, rather than the disharmony we see all around us. Jim, as one gifted the titles Chanupa (sacred pipe) carrier and water pourer (one who conducts sweat lodges) by his Lakota family and Keeper of Medicine by his Mayan family, always honors and respects the teachings he shares. But both he and Sue feel the time of those who would keep all their knowledge secret, is over. In fact, Jim’s primary Lakota and Mayan teachers taught him this day would come and asked ne joined those willing to share their knowledge at this time.

With any workshops and talks we now do, Sue opens the community healing drum, Hoop of Many Colors, and invites the circle to join her. This drum medicine connects all we do to the Earth Mother and her healing energy and goes back to the earliest human ceremonies.

So, please, come join us for the workshops we list or contact us about coming to your area so we can tell you what that would entail.