Reiki Offerings

Sue Graywolf invites everyone to begin their Reiki healing journey this January! She is offered Reiki levels 1 and 2 at her home overlooking the Poudre River – 20 minutes from Fort Collins.
Sue Graywolf Reiki1

Sue offers Usui Traditional Reiki level one and two certifications and then will work with those wishing to enter Master Reiki training. And/or she and Jim Graywolf will offer Ancestral Reiki – the Reiki taught by Mayan and other indigenous teachers. This combination of Reiki trainings is available nowhere else in the region. Sue will help you open new doors in your energetic healing journey.

In Level One Reiki you will learn the history of Reiki, the process of treatment for self, others, and animals. Also you will receive attunements that will reactivate your ability to become a hollow bone and receive healing energy. You will receive mentorship and follow-up, along with a certificate and Reiki Notebook upon completion. This will qualify you to give Reiki treatments to yourself, others and pets.

In Level Two Reiki you will learn the Reiki Symbols, learn how to send Reiki from a distance, and learn how to intensify your healing energies and harmonize your system to help with emotional healing. You will also receive an additional attunement. The one-day class will also contain lectures, time for meditation, hands-on experience, attunements and time for questions and answers.
Reiki Leaders
Reiki Master Level Three is an advanced one-day workshop that includes overviews of Level One and Two as well as Advanced Reiki Techniques, Level Three Symbol and Attunement. You will explore more about Reiki Spirit Guides, and ethical issues. Reiki Master Teacher program certifies you to teach Reiki and do Attunements. This is a one-day workshop along with the Reiki Master Level Three one-day workshop, and a one to two year follow-up with consultations and meetings.

Animal Reiki I
with Sue Graywolf Petruzzi
Reiki Master



This course will have a limited number of spots available. Please book ASAP to save yours. Call Sue Graywolf at 970-484-1286 or visit us on facebook. Cost: $125 …

you will receive an Animal Reiki I Attunement, Notebook and Certificate upon completion.

Whether you are already an experienced Reiki Practitioner or simply love and want to help animals feel better, this class is for you. This is a “how to” workshop and is open to everyone interested in opening up to a deeper connection with the members of the animal world.

Learn how to connect with the beautiful relaxation technique I teach that promotes healing, is safe and can relieve pain and stress without any harmful side effects to your animal companions. Learn to listen with your hands and heart as you build trust; then explore how to let your intuition and the Animal guide the process.

In this class you will learn the history of USUI Reiki, what Reiki is, how it works, the healing benefits, the different animal considerations to use, the different methods for treating different animals, and the process for an animals first treatment. You will also have some hands-on experience. The approaches you learn and the approach you decide to use totally depends on the situation or the problem that you are hoping to aid.

Questions? Call Sue at 970-484-1286.

Animal Communication Part I
with Sue Graywolf Petruzzi
Reiki Master


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Learn how to truly connect with the essence/spirit of your animal companions.

During this class you will learn 7 steps to guide you on your way to communicating with animals. You will be guided through techniques to understand what your own personal indicators are through your five senses. You will be also be guided through meditations and connection techniques to open your heart, which will make it possible for you to connect with your animal companions. We ALL have the ability to intuitively connect with each other, our animal companions and also the other life around us. Over time humans have lost this. Animals want us to understand their world better. Animals think in pictures that contain vivid thoughts, feelings and emotions and sometimes sounds or words. Learn to listen to the subtle sensations of your own body as indicators that will help you identify what you are experiencing with your own animal friends.

You will receive a notebook and a certificate upon completion.

Questions? Call Sue at 970-484-1286.

Courses taught on a regular basis. Check with Sue for the next scheduled trainings.

Shamanic Practices Seven Month Course
Teacher/Guide: Jim Graywolf Petruzzi
Jim Graywolf Inipi
I have been asked to teach shamanic practices and medicine for years, but to date I have resisted. The concepts of ‘shaman’ and ‘shamanic medicine’ have been so misused that I did not wish to enter this arena. Now, as our world and all its creatures – including we humans – are in such need of healing I have decided to share some of the shamanic teachings and practices that have been taught to me. What can someone expect from this journey with me? … A deeper understanding of your spiritual nature and power. An understanding of shamanic medicine and its use. Being able to tap into and use shamanic medicine for your personal healing, especially through helping your spiritual circles heal and grow. What you won’t get is a lot of ego and promises. You will do the work – I will guide the circle with the help of the ancestors. Fun, joy and pleasure will be big in this walk – as will hard work and study. Join me and come find out more!

Shamanic Practices Seven Month Course Details

Shamanic Wisdom One Day Workshop
Teacher/Guide: Jim Graywolf Petruzzi

Jim has travelled the world for 30 years living with and learning shamanic medicine and practices from indigenous elders. Few have ever learned this way. Jim has used shamanic medicine for years and now he and Sue travel and teach shamanic workshops. In Colorado, Jim teaches 7 month courses as well. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from someone who has been taught by elders of many cultures. Come and be initiated into this ancestral line of elders from whom the wisdom comes.

This is a great opportunity for a day-long immersion in the teachings and practices of shamanic medicine. Many who take this course/workshop go on to join one of Jim’s shamanic courses to dig deeper and learn shamanic practices from many cultures. Others are happy with the knowledge they acquire and can use after this day.

Cost: $125 per person – space is limited, 20 people only. Early registration suggested. Pre-registration and payment required 2 weeks in advance or until program is full at 20. After Aug. 13 (if there is still space available) – $145. Book early so as not to get shut out, click the donate button at the top of the page to pay and register. Include the course name in the registration.

Included in the course is notebook materials, an ancestral attunement and a certificate of completion.