Sue Graywolf and 100 Djembe drums raise the vibration in England

Community Healing Drum

CommHealingDrum2In 2010 Sue and Jim Graywolf acquired a Community Healing Drum, Hoop of Many Colors. She was built and given energy by White Eagle and her circle of Native friends in Alaska. Hoop of Many Colors arrived two days before Jim and Sue had been asked to lead a Grandmother Ceremony for a friend in Sedona. That was the first time the drum was opened – with a group of 45 people and one friend accepting her Grandmother role. It was an amazing night and participants reported the CommHealingDrum5effects of the drum on them for days afterwards. It was then Sue realized it was not only a powerful drum for ceremony and gratitude drumming, but a very powerful healing drum. Combining some of Jim’s ceremonies with the drumming made the healing energy of the circles she was asked to be in even stronger.

CommHealingDrum6Some months after the drums arrival, Jim and Sue began touring doing workshops where invited. Hoop of Many Colors quickly became a key component of the workshop and soon Sue was offering drum circles and drum healing as a stand-alone event for those wishing it. Circles around the U.S. offered invites and, as Jim and Sue travelled to the invitation places, they stopped and opened circles at sacred sites along the way.

CommHealingDrumWeb1The following year they were asked to go to Great Britain to teach. They brought Hoop of Many Colors along. Jim opened his sacred pipe and did prayers in the heart of the Stonehenge rocks and then turned the morning over to Sue and Hoop of Many Colors. Drum circles around the world drummed along and the healing energies of the drum rose even higher. CommHealingDrumWeb3They then went to Avebury and sacred places in Wales and Scotland. And more places when they returned to the U.S. In August of 2011 they were honored to attend and participate at the First Gathering of Healers in Navajo land. Here Hoop of Many Colors led drum healing with a sister drum of Cherryl – a close friend.

Now Sue and Jim lead healing drum circles and gratitude drumming in Fort Collins, Colorado and the Colorado Front Range when the Graywolves are not on the road. Once monthly Sue leads a large community healing event in Fort Collins or along the banks of the Poudre River. Check our event and workshop pages for dates and times.  Attendees donate to Sanctuaries to help cover rental, travel, materials and other expenses.And take a look at the drumming video here for a small taste of Hoop of Many Colors, Sue and a circle. Then come join a circle. Hear a little about Jim and Sue’s travels globally with the drum and the teachings of many indigenous cultures they have learned from.CommHealingDrumWeb4 Connect energies as Jim does a short opening ceremony… and then prepare to drum! Sue is honored to share the healing power of the drum – connecting to each individual’s heart and spirit. Bring drums, flutes and rattles if you wish and enjoy time with a community of like-minded individuals as the drum and the circle work on all of us bringing joy, peace and healing.