Men and Women-Not As Different As We Thought

Men and women. This topic follows the human race even since the human race has been created and notice that our animal friends don't share this issue. And in some places and among a lot of people, this topic has turned into a problem and a wall that separates us from each other and brings harm and damage only to ourselves.

At these moments of changes, it is important to look at the whole picture by putting a mirror in front of us.

"Empower the women!", "We are better because we are men!" – So much energy has been put into these words that have nothing behind them anyway. It is in our power of choice to change this separation and bring the women and the men in a place of harmony and honor towards themselves and towards each other.

What are the differences between a man and a woman?

So there are the physical body parts, the ton of voices and of course pregnancy.

The reason I used the word "Pregnancy" and not the words "The ability to create life" is the point behind my point of view on this topic.

We know how life are been created. The ability to create life can't happen without a man's sperm as it can't happen without a woman's egg. So the creation of life is depended on the two sides of this specific circle.

Now, about pregnancy: Yes, this isn't easy to carry a child (or perhaps more) inside of us, the women and yes, the men will never understand the hormones, the back pains, the nausea and some sleepless nights, but this is not a problem, either. The men are there not to stand aside and watch us in pain emotionally, physically and mentally but they are next to you to hold you, to be there for you, to comfort you, to nurse you and to be whatever you need as you're not in the position to provide yourselves whatever you need. This is the two halves of this one circle of love between the men and the women.

By the way, both men and women share them same hormones but on different level… this is was just to show you that even physically we complete each other.

I don't believe that we enter to a world that the women are stronger than men or men are stronger than women, but I do believe that this is the time to change this to a beautiful equal circle.

We complete each other; we need each other not just to our own roads but to the next generations.


Rainbow Eagle.