Grandfather tree.

Speak to me.

Roots connected to our Mother.
Canopy intertwined with Creator.
Words, pictures, signs or senses.
I am here to listen.

Grandfather tree. Nourish me.
My spirit is in pain. Matching Mother's.
An imperfect two-legged trying to understand.
Nourish me through the wisdom of your long tenure.
Send me peace and surety as I sit your roots.

Grandfather tree. Teach me.
My two-legged teachers have given.
I have learned.
My four-legged, winged and finned have taught.
I understood.
The rock people and plant people have serenaded me.
I listened.
My spirit guides have led.
I have followed.
Share with me now what more I need from nature.
Polish the edges of my skills and gifts.
Add to me what I need to best walk the Red Road.

Grandfather tree. Ground me.
I am floating and free as I await the next steps.
Ground me so I may see how I am now most needed.
Root me in Mother's soul.
Let my spirit fly as my roots support me.

Grandfather tree. Embrace us.
Channel the light and wisdom of Creator to those who will serve.
Fold the powers of Father Sky and Mother Earth and imbue us
with their energy.
Do all this so that the communities that must form do so with
love and understanding.
And purpose.

Mitakuye Oyasin
We are all one.

Jim Graywolf Petruzzi