Ceremony and drumming within the Stonehenge Inner Circle


Essential Oils Workshop

Workshop Presenter: Tasha Hannah


Whether you’ve heard about essential oils or not – this group is one to attend!

Essential oils have been used since the dawn of time as medicine. They are also known to offer great benefits to people with stress, depression, lack of energy, fatigue, chronic pain, and have been known to bring health and happiness back into peoples lives.

It’s time to take a step towards a new you. A happier you… A healthier you

During the class there will be a discussion on essential oils as well as taste testing and a raffle to win free oil!

I work with doTERRA Essential Oils – a pure form of oils seldom found.

We will be going over some of the basics:

What are essential oils and where do they come from? How are they used? Are they safe?

We will also chat about:

How were they used in Native American culture and others around the world. Stories of healing and transformation with essential oils And anything else that comes up!

Donations requested to help with rentals and expenses for programs of our non-profit, Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother. Suggested – $10.

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Star Nation Teachings Held By the Standing People

Talk Presenter: Jim Graywolf

The Standing People – the trees – have held vast amounts of information and teachings from the Star Nations since the first visits they paid to the Earth Mother. Many cultures speak of this connection but never with too much shared. I was taught by several cultures around the globe about the great knowledge held by these Tree Nations and how to tap into some of it. I started with the teachings of my gypsy relatives from Italy and the Mediterranean. From there I have delved further with my own exploration of tree wisdom and shared this with my elders in the past – all of whom accepted the knowledge as powerful and some of whom worked further with me on tree medicine and lore. Why the Tree Nations? They are everywhere. The old wisdom is “If you want to keep something safe, but secret, hide it in plain sight”. So it is. Different trees carry different wisdom. I will focus on a few, especially the Aspen that assist us in preparing ourselves to be in unity as a species and with other species: Finding our soul family and understanding its’ new relationships. How can we prepare ourselves as individuals to enter the place of four colors – Mitakuye oyasin, ~ we are all one – with all that is? Let’s speak to this.

Applying the Wisdom of the Standing People for Personal Growth and Unity

Workshop Presenters: Jim with Sue Graywolf

This workshop expands on the teachings of the Tree Nations as Guides in growth for the unity needed to enter the New Earth. We will take the Star nation knowledge left with the Aspen and other Tree Nations and learn how to apply this to ourselves in order to be ready to find, expand and welcome our spiritual family and its’ new relationships. This will be a very hands-on workshop and will include some journeying for needed insights. I have not offered this work often yet but….. Now is the time.


Attracting, Finding and Building Our Soul Families

Talk Presenters: Jim Graywolf, Sue Graywolf and Rod Feigle

After preparing ourselves spiritually to accept living in unity we need to understand what the Soul Families this will entail will look like and function. The presenters all have worked with their soul families for several years now and currently have spirit twins, twin flames and soul relatives – some of the building blocks of the new relationships needed in the New Earth we now enter. We will expand on the individual growth Jim Graywolf shares in his Tree Nation work and apply it to the unity of all. The universe is all one – a circle of unity and sharing. Humans once walked this road of “us” rather than “I”, but have lost that understanding. Come with us as we share the relationships we now live and how finding our soul families can open our souls and spirits in ways we never experienced before: A mix of old teachings from the ancestors and new practices now evolving. We will also look at obstacles and how to deal with them.

The How-To’s of Attracting and Working With Our Soul Family

Workshop Presenters: Jim Graywolf, Sue Graywolf and Rod Feigle

We will take the teachings of the Soul Family presentation and expand on them, offering concrete ways to take your personal preparation for this shift and move into soul families. From there we will share more on the different relationships that exist in some soul families already and how we determine if, or when, we have attracted new relationships. How do the members of soul families interact in relationship? Will it replace current relationships? How will soul families connect with soul families? Come and join us and bring your questions and your current understandings.