We need your help. Please donate at whatever level is significant for you. As each member of our board and many supporters have already done. Make a difference now. Take a first step. Donate. Why?

Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother (SOTEM) survives and will continue to grow based on the generosity of its friends and supporters of its mission. The SOTEM team has worked tirelessly for the past two years to create all the tools and teachings you find on these pages. And that team, which grows daily, will continue to do all humanly possible to advance the mission for the good of all beings and the children who follow us.

We are, however, at a crossroads now. We have proven our ability to provide a great deal of needed services with minimal resources. We have shown that thousands of people being drawn to the work of our circle. And we have many, many opportunities now before us – opportunities that will require money to take advantage of.

Most non-profits go out seeking funding saying, “When we have enough money we will be able to provide all the things our mission promises.” We at SOTEM decided to spend a couple of years working so we can now say, “See all that we have done with so little and imagine all we can do with additional support.” Our track record speaks loudly for us.

So, what next? As we outgrow what we have already accomplished? Opportunities include:

  1. We are seeking land for the first physical Sanctuary where people of all ages can gather and learn and create better ways to work with our planet and each other.
  2. People from around the world asking for Jim and Sue Graywolf and other SOTEM elders to come and provide workshops – workshops which can not totally fund the cost of bringing them to groups.
  3. Schools and Universities with limited funding looking for the SOTEM elders to come teach, listen, and participate in programs and projects.
  4. We have been asked to bring our radio shows to public broadcasting stations around the world and, although we are offered a reduced rate, we need funding to make this a reality.
  5. SOTEM has worked with the donated equipment its’ board members have provided. Now we require funding for more advanced equipment to handle the multi-media work we are now engaged in.
  6. Staffing is now a necessity. Board members have donated generous amounts of their time and money to all the SOTEM work and Jim and Sue have functioned as board members and staff. This is decreasing the effectiveness of the product we could provide. A director, development officer and an outreach person are needed now!
  7. Funding for in-town space in the North Front Range of Colorado where the office can be located and introductory programs for students and adults can be offered.
  8. And the list goes on.

Donate to SOTEM and we will use your gift where we feel the keenest need or specify where you want your money to go. Either way, our planet, our children and our children’s children thank you.

SOTEM is a 501C3 tax-exempt non-profit. Donations are tax deductible. Receipts will be send for all donations, which your tax professional can best advise you how to use.