Curing versus Healing





Through personal experience over many years with myself and many others I now see we can never truly heal from our diseases with medical treatments that focus on the symptoms we suffer alone. Healing requires much more work on the patients part – identifying and addressing the causes. This truth was understood by our ancestors, before too many 'easy' options were created by Western medicine.

Western medicine has evolved to a point now that, in most cases, a patient without pain is considered 'cured'. If cured means no pain, this belief is true. Yet the medicines given and invasive treatments used may well stop the pain, but at the cost of submerging the true causes of these symptoms. Does this work? That depends on your definition. For a period of time it may work. The pain can be forgotten and the person function. But the symptoms appear again, sometimes in different ways, in everyone I have worked with as a healing guide. Or they continue to eat away at the mind, body, spirit and emotions of the patient. To me this makes eliminating the symptoms a cure sometimes helpful to allow the patient to work on the deeper, more systemic causes of the disease.

I will share a personal part of my life journey to demonstrate what I am speaking about and share some of what I have learned. Please, take whatever you need from this and leave the rest behind.

Some 25 years ago I left organized religion and stepped onto a spiritual road. This allowed me to begin to learn from teachers from around the globe. Many of these began teaching me the ways we can heal our whole being. They taught me that without the mind, body, spirit and emotions all being in balance we cannot walk as a healthy being. I was taught the difference between curing and healing as I shared above. And I was taught natural plants and animal products to cure – ease pain. Slowly I was also taught how to guide people in their personal healing journey. How to use nature, not hospitals as the healing environment. To continue natural remedies whenever possible to keep the pain manageable during the process. As I learned these things over the years I was given the name medicine person and keeper of medicine and other titles by my teachers. These are only words, what I was really given was understanding of the healing journey we all take throughout our lives.

Then I became very ill about eight years ago. I could not sleep and had extreme sinus and head pain. My wife, who was a strong believer in Western medicine, suggested a doctor so I could deal with the pain. Being in agony, and having not walked with my spiritual teachers for several years, I agreed. My blood pressure was very high and I began having chest pain. Tests were run and the pain increased. I wanted someone to take the pain away. To make it stop. In other words, in my suffering, I wanted someone to do the work for me. This is another thing that much Western medicine follows – the doctor, in curing you, does all the work. Healing, again, requires personal commitment and work. But I wanted relief, so I took the Xanax the doctor suggested – just to help me sleep.

Later I learned Xanax was an extremely potent, potentially addictive drug used primarily for depression. I learned this after I was addicted to the doctor prescribed medicine. Now I added panic attacks to my symptoms – every night. Sometimes non-stop for days on end. And more chest pains as well as pain in all my joints. And this was with a small dose of the medicine. The doctor never asked if I was sensitive to drugs, which I am – at a very high level. When these symptoms increased, the doctor took me off Xanax and onto another drug to wean the Xanax from my system. Within a day I became like a zombie, with the whole left side of my face and body going lax. And with no ability to even think, except very slowly. So, two days later and back on Xanax.

This Xanax nightmare would last two years. And through seven months of hell to finally get off of it. Spasms, vomiting, extreme body pains, sweats like a flood, nightmares, cold bone feelings and days laying on a bed wishing to die finally freed me from this nightmare drug. A drug the doctors’ say you can almost never get off of. And a drug that affects a large percentage of people as it did me. Yet it is legal. And I was told it "was so I could sleep". But this was later on.

As symptoms increase the doctors were confused. They began telling me no one could have this many symptoms at once. They sent me to a heart specialist next. After some tests they put me through putting a tube up my veins and into the heart. And then told me the lower chamber of my heart was damaged and I would need stents and other surgery. A second doctor ran the same test and assured me there was nothing wrong with the heart. Now, even with pain that never ceased, I said "enough!".

I moved about this time and got another doctor involved. By no the 8 doses of antibiotics the doctors had prescribed for me in 18 months had destroyed my gut. And I had yeast throughout my body. A white tongue and white fluid out the nose and other places around my body. Again I was told this could not happen, even though the doctor was looking at the proof. Off for a brain scan, which showed high peaks and dips in my brainwaves. The doctors – even after three tests – said the machine was bad. So, a psychologist was next. Who sent me to a psychiatrist who could prescribe more drugs. And higher doses of Xanax, since he was certain this would help me.

Unable by this time to do anything but try to exist minute to minute I somehow found the strength to stop going to the doctors and reconnect with my spirit self. And I went to a Chiropractor who id also an energy worker. She turned white on seeing me and she and her staff worked on me for eight hours. This began the slow, painful, scary work of connecting with my inner being and starting to heal myself. It took years and I still suffer side effects from some of the drugs given me back then on occasion. But when someone asked me to work with them as a healing guide I truly understand whatever they are going through. We receive gifts even in our worse times.

In addition to working with my energy healing people I again went into nature and found even more ways nature can heal you, even as it lessens your pain on the way. And so I again walked the healing road – not the road of cures.

I offer this story and these things I have learned so people might consider another way. So they will understand the limitations of being cured by another. And understand what might seem easier at first is, often, the more painful, less effective way to address your diseases.

I am not condemning Western medicine or doctors trained this way. The doctors have not often been offered other ideas and the medicine evolved, at least at first, for reasons of stopping pain. Now I see the greed of many companies selling these chemical medications removing caring and replacing it with self-interest. And I see doctors so busy they cannot find the time to educate themselves about much of what they suggest to their patients. Still I see times this medicine is needed. Break an arm and someone needs to set it. Have pain to intense to look at the causes; something is needed to ease it.

But do not stop with the medicines and procedures if you must use them, but go further. Learn of other way and see which speak to your spirit. To stop at a cure simply postpones the effects of the disease on your whole being. And some times cause the disease to grow to a point you may no longer have the time to heal yourself.

Walk well. Walk healthy. Heal from within.