Ancestral Wisdom Tours


Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother is now offering tours! The first is now being offered – to Sedona, Arizona.

Jim and Sue Graywolf will be leading tours to places of powerful spiritual and natural energy around the globe. Their connection to people with knowledge in both areas – indigenous grandmothers and grandfathers, wisdom keepers, ceremony leaders, teachers and sages – will bring experience with the spiritual and natural world few can offer.

The first tour – Ancestral Shamanic Tour of the Southwest – is scheduled for Sept. 18 – 28, 2016. It is being offered as a journey from Fort Collins, Colorado to Sedona and/or events and workshops in Sedona. Portions can be booked separately or as an entire package.

Jim and Sue lived in Sedona for six years, where they led workshops, drum circles and ceremonies at sacred sites. This year they have been asked to lead this journey around the time of the Fall Equinox. So here it is! Any questions, call Jim or Sue at 970-484-1286.

Click on the Tour Details link below for the agenda and costs for these amazing days. Please be aware components are not guaranteed – it is very difficult to do this when dealing with some spiritual leaders. But where one thing does not manifest, we will add an equally powerful one. We will be bringing the 3-½ foot healing drum, Hoop of Many Colors, for portions of the programs and ceremonies. Some of you were at past events we led in Sedona – come on back! New people – join in. Learn, heal, raise your vibration level – enjoy and love!

Look for future ancestral wisdom tours coming soon.

Sedona Tour Details