The Circle – Groups Served

BabyRoundWe use many teaching tools and teachers in all we do, but much of our work with the groups we serve evolves around the circle. The circle being the most common figure in the natural world and the symbol to so many cultures of a figure with no beginning and no end. We believe this is the time of creating together in circle and advancing as a species together in circle. As you look at some of the pictures denoting groups we serve, follow the teaching of the circle words below. We believe you will see how understanding the circles of life and our world is important to all of these groups. Groups that include; youth; seniors; all colors of people; all faiths; women; men; elders; business people; children; cross generational; grandparents; parents; nature; animals; trees; elements; wildlife; natural resources; spiritual; ceremonial; challenged groups; underserved groups; students – all in the web of life around us.

Teaching of the Circle

BusinessPeopleRound1. Work on yourself. It is impossible to be in a circle of equals over time if you have not done the inner work to accept how the circle functions.

2. Begin working on yourself by understanding and accepting there are no more prophets, no more gurus. Following them automatically creates leaders from whom others expect all the work.

3. Stop worshiping saints and prophets of the past and begin working on yourself so you will one day join their circle.

CeremonyRound4. Work on releasing your ego. This is another step that sounds easy, but is difficult. The first step is admitting you have an ego. The next is to examine what you do and ask your heart what guides it – ego or service.

5. Work on any fear in your being. Fear is the one thing that can totally stop our growth.

6. Stop pointing fingers and judging. You only judge yourself when you do this. As you put out this energy, so it will come back at you.

7. Accept all creatures as equals – no matter how many legs, wings, or fins.ChildRound

8. Bring the Earth Mother and nature into all you do. Without connecting in a good way with the Earth, humans cannot exist.

9. Prepare yourself to be unwilling to do anything ‘for’ somebody and totally willing to do something ‘with’ somebody.

—From the book White Man, Red Road, Five Colors by Jim Graywolf Petruzzi