GenerationsRoundSanctuaries of the Earth Mother offer a means of building a better world, where people are more harmoniously and sustainably connected to the Earth, all its creatures and each other through the joint efforts of all involved in the circle of its creation.


Kids4RoundThe primary work of Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother (SOTEM) is to develop a healthier, more peaceful and sustainable legacy to pass on to our children and our children’s children to the seventh generation. The Earth is the primary Sanctuary teacher – providing environmental and spiritual grounding.

NatureRoundBased on the principles drawn from ancient wisdom, the teachings of nature and modern, sustainable science, the Sanctuaries will serve as places where people of all walks and ways come together to share knowledge and work with each other and the children to provide the basis of a healthier future. Old skills will be rediscovered and new skills explored.

Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother

Gateways to Understanding

ScotsRoundAll creatures welcomed. Teach and learn; give and receive. Stay if you will share the ways of spirit and the Earth and practice the five colors in harmony, without ego or control. (From White Man, Red Road, Five Colors)

Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother has legally existed in the physical world since May, 2011. It has grown and expanded in the virtual realms of today’s communication avenues: Facebook, Blogtalkradio, LinkedIn, Healing Circles, Blog sites, website, drum circles, books and the like. The weekly Ciracle Radio show has 2,000+ listeners most weeks. The Facebook groups number thousands and the request for more sharing grows.

SpiritualRoundThis virtual world has allowed the Sanctuary mission to spread around the world, attracting people with the skills and knowledge needed to join the circle. The Board is a great example of this diversity, with diverse members from many spots on the world map.

The workshops, events and teaching circles Jim and Sue Graywolf, Rod Feigle and Ross Busby and other SOTEM people lead or participate in are allowing for face to face sharing and building the desire to join this work in many others. Since 2013 Jim and Sue have presented an ever-increasing number of programs and workshops in Colorado. Since early 2015, Rod has joined them and others on an occassional basis. Now 5 different groups are active and each meets once or twice a month. All of this work and WolfRoundgrowth has now made the appearance of physical Sanctuaries around the world timely. Visit the Sanctuaries page to learn more.

Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother offer a means of building a better world, where people are more harmoniously connected to the Earth, all its creatures and each other through the joint efforts of all involved in the circle of its creation.



Legacy for 7 Generations

YoungRoundLook behind you. See your sons and your daughters. They are your future. Look farther and see your sons' and your daughters' children and their children's children even unto the Seventh Generation. That's the way we were taught. Think about it: you yourself are a Seventh Generation.

—Leon Shenandoah, ONONDAGA

The Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother is coming into existence at this time to provide safe havens where people can gather in order to work together to enhance the legacy we leave going forward for the next 7 generations. The current bleak legacy we are leaving our children is due, we feel, to the loss of honoring the ancient knowledge teachings of the 7 generations.

We cannot sithe poorest of the poor and the holders of the key to the future survival of humanity.

Senior2RoundWe are placed on the earth (our Mother) to be the caretakers of all that is here. Each generation has a responsibility to "ensure the survival for the seventh generation". When we begin to separate ourselves from that which sustains us, we immediately open up the possibility of losing understanding of our responsibility and our kinship to the earth. Our ancestors organized themselves into communal groups that were egalitarian, self-sufficient and intimately connected to the land and its resources. Inside of extended family systems each member shares responsibility for educating the children, caring for the sick or injured, providing for shelter and obtaining the necessary food requirement for survival. Elders are held in high YouthRound1esteem. They alone have the experience and wisdom of the years. Our needs in terms of survival must always be balanced with the needs of love. community and our nation. Everything that we do has consequences for something else. This circular pattern of thinking is a constant reminder to us that we are all ultimately connected to creation. What we do today will affect the seventh generation and we must bear in mind our responsibility to them today and always.

Our Responsibility to the Seventh Generation (PDF) by Clarkson, Morrissette and Régallet.