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Sanctuaries Board of DIrectors
Jim Graywolf Petruzzi, President, Colorado
Jim Graywolf Petruzzi, President, Colorado
The motivation for SOTEM came from a vision Jim had during a vision quest in the mid 1990’s. Jim has walked in, studied and melded with nature and its creatures his entire life. He has dedicated the last twenty years of his path to serving people through providing educational, spiritual and healing opportunities. His degrees are in education and Masters in environmental interpretation and natural resource management. His real degrees are in what he has acquired from his indigenous teachers and directly from Mother Nature. In 1990 Jim began studying with indigenous people; Native American; Mayan; Australian; African and other. He has run non-profits and served on the boards of others for over twenty-five years.
I have served on many boards of directors over the years, but have never had the honor to serve with such a powerful, diverse group as this one we have here. Between the board members and support council we have a beautiful mix of many skills, cultures, knowledge and wisdom. Each member knows one or more of the SOTEM mission areas intimately. And, more important, each has connections to others with vast stores of knowledge as well. I give thanks for this group daily – as well as those who have served before and those who will serve in the future. – Jim Graywolf
Sue Graywolf Petruzzi, Vice President, Colorado
Sue Graywolf Petruzzi, Vice President, Colorado

Sue Graywolf Petruzzi has been connected to nature her whole life – especially to the animal kingdom.  Her love of nature grew even stronger and led her, in her late 30’s, to organizations that nurtured this love for the outdoors.  This connection to nature, along with her administrative skills, led her in the direction of wanting to learn more of what also made her heart want to connect deeply with Native American Spirituality.  Sue realized what had been missing as she weathered many trials and tribulations, which although difficult – brought her home to nature and the natural world once again.  She spent quite a lot of her time learning through reading and attending groups and workshops that connected her to several teachers.

Sue also spent several years working for the Audubon Society of New Hampshire using her administrative skills for a brand new nature facility located in Auburn, NH.  She was front and center for all the functions of this busy nature center that included many programs for all ages.  At this same time she became a volunteer for a pack of Gray Wolves located at Zoo/Farm and dedicated her time and energy to taking care of this pack family.  Sue was engrossed with these magnificent animals, so she studied and educated herself and started doing classes and workshops for all who were interested in learning about wolves and wolf behavior.  She also chaired a Conservation Committee in her hometown.  Eventually Sue moved West where she really became fully engaged with Native Culture. Prior to leaving the East Coast Sue became a Reiki Master.

Sue also acquired a 3 ½’ native drum “The Hoop of Many Colors”, which has traveled with her to Great Britain, including Stonehenge, and throughout the US where she presents educational workshops and drumming instruction.  Sue is a singer/songwriter and has written many songs.  She also serves as the Vice President of Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother. Sue also co-hosts two weekly Blog Talk Radio shows for Ciracle Radio, an arm of Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother. These radio shows have connected the people of Sanctuaries to people from around the World.  Sue brings the learning through her life’s journey and shares through teaching and guiding others. ……. "Sue is my half-side – wife –





Adam Dubbin, MSc Environmental Archaeology, Florida




Adam Dubbin—a writer, editor, activist and documentarian — is a fifth-generation Floridian born in the springs country of North Florida and raised among the lakes and swamps in the heart of the orange groves. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Classical Studies with extensive studies in Botany, and additionally earned a Master’s of Science from the University of Bradford, UK in Environmental Archaeology, and a Master’s of Science in Audiological Science from the University of South Florida.
Adam has held leadership positions in many different organizations, including the University of Florida’s Ethnobotany Society and student government at the University of Bradford.

Currently, his primary ambition is his documentary and activism project called Save Florida Waters Now (
Additionally, he is the publisher of Empty Sink Publishing, an erstwhile arts and literature magazine now publishing high-quality short fiction, and he also works in sports video analysis. Adam is responsible for organizing Florida’s pro-water groups into the Coalition of Florida’s Water Protectors, unifying the various organizations and native populations from across the state in solidarity for the common cause of clean water. He is a member of the Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute and a graduate of the Florida Springs Institute Field School.

Growing up sailing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, floating down the rivers of North Florida, skiing the lakes of Central Florida, surfing the waves of Cocoa Beach, exploring the Bayous of West Florida, fishing in the Everglades, and playing collegiate water polo in pools across the world, Adam cultivated significant respect and a spiritual relationship with life’s most precious resource. As such, he has dedicated his energy and focus towards the pro-environment movement, and he also advocates the whole-food, plant-based lifestyle for a healthier humanity and a more compassionate planet Earth.

Sanctuaries Support Council







Rebekah Simpson, Arizona

Rebekah has been walking between the spirit world and the physical world since a very young age. She is said by many to be a medicine woman and spirit communicator. Her practice includes working with animal medicine and the medicine wheel. She may use many tools to accomplish a task such as prayer, sage burning, dancing and singing Native songs, playing the hand drum, rattle or Native flute. She may also use stones, crystals and feathers to assist her in the healing process. Since 2006 Rebekah has helped hundreds of people find healing, purpose, balance and direction in their lives.

In 2007 she received her Life Coach and Business coach certificates and began integrating coaching with her spiritual practice. Rebekah also enjoys helping others build their business through coaching and internet marketing.

"I am now honored to be a part of the Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother project and family." Aho – Rebekah Two Moons

"Rebekah is a wonderful example of combining the knowledge and traditions of the past with the technology and science of the present – an important part of Sanctuaries. She is also a person of beautiful and caring energy." – Jim Graywolf












1st Me
Tracy Urban, Denver, Colorado

Born and raised in the Denver metro area, having left home at the age of 15 and learning the hard way, I was single and a young mother of 3 by the age of 19.
After suffering paralysis, my life shifted from Technical to Spiritual. In order to heal myself, I began to study many different healing modalities. Having been born with the ability to see and hear Spirit, I feel life has brought me back full circle. As I began to get in tune with my body I also began to reopen the precious gift of my 3rd eye.

Currently I am a student of Shamanism with instruction from Garrett Duncan of Navajo Illuminations and Dr Joy “Granddaughter Crow” Gray learning through their unique knowledge.
I also am engaged in providing IT support for a variety of clients. From webinars and recordings of workshops and conferences, to website design and production, with my extensive IT background, I am able to meet all the needs of my client base.

"Tracy brings a whole other level of electronic and communications skill to Sanctuaries. And, more importantly, a heart and spirit required by our mission. She will allow us to better deliver the teachings and messages we carry. Her understanding of ancient ways and sustainable science are exactly what our work is about." ~ Jim Graywolf








Jay Bai
Jay Bai, PhD Ecology, China/Mongolia – Colorado

Tugjayzhab Jay BAI, PhD., major in Quantitative Ecology, was born in a Mongolian family in Mandurin China, 1945. He has started his career on Grassland in 1965 as a herdsman (re-educated youth). He was enrolled in the University of Inner Mongolian, Hohhot, China, 1979, for his Master degree, advisor Academician Bo Li. In his thesis titled in:   “Exploration of Numerical Classification of Grasslands in Silingolo River Basin”, 1981 he expressed a piece of vegetation as an identity in a 40-dimesional space, and used cosine value as the coefficient correlation between the two position 40-vectors.  After graduation, he has been worked for the "Grassland Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences". He was in charge of a national project titled in: “Degradation Trend Analysis for China’ Grasslands” since 1983. He discovered that a system state transition matrices should be in a form of diagonal matrices, and further predicted the degradation trend of grasslands, and increasing trend of wind erosion in northern China, including Beijing area, 1984.

He came to Colorado State University in 1985 to pursue his Ph. D., advised by Prof. Charles Bonham. He was involved in the “Land Condition Trend Analysis (LCTA)” 1993, at Fort Carson, CO. He registered his computer software “Stock Market Monitor -52 (SMM-52)”, 1995 and published his research paper, titled: “Multi-Dimensional Sphere Model and Vegetation Instantaneous (Successional) Trend Analysis” in Ecological Modeling 97(1997) 75-86.  Without funding from either US or China, he continued his ecological study, and published his monograph, Trend Analysis and It’s Applications on Ecological and Financial Sciences, 2006, The Ethnic Publishing House,  Beijing, China.

Given no reason, he was denied permission to go back to work in China. Thus, he lost all of his service credits back to 1965. However, he has only 9 years credits in the United States. He has to continue work while he is 71 year old to pay his mortgage and medical insurance.

His mother, Xu Zhao, was a follower of Communism in China. She passed away in 2012 with a deep sorrow of no family reunion, knowing her son could not coming back to work for their homeland.

T. J. Bai got married to Eerduntu G. Bai in 1968, and has three children:  two boys and one daughter, named Temuqin (Mongolian for Camel Herder), Angqin (Hunter), and Mailasu (Cypress), respectively, and one grand daughter Baigali (Nature) from second son Angqin.

His personal research blog in, records his research on Multiplicative Group of m-Vector.

"Jay has an amazing life story of migration, research and applied models in Ecological Forecasting. He comes to Sanctuaries with the skills of 'sustainable science' – one of our three legs (teachings of nature; teachings of the ancestors; sustainable science). We are thrilled and honored to work with him in crafting and presenting his model to a layman audience. And honored by the spirit his life demonatrates." ~ Jim Graywolf











Brock Foster
Brock Foster, British Columbia, Canada

Brock completed his Permaculture Design Certificate and Earth Activist Training with Starhawk and Charles Williams, his Advanced Permaculture Teacher’s Training with Jude Hobbs of Cascadia Permaculture, and Social Permaculture with Starhawk and Charles Williams, The Way of Council Level I and Level II Facilitation by the Ojai Foundation with Lori Austein and In The Bones Lifestyle Coaching Training from The Coaches Training Institute of San Rafael California. Brock also holds the honor of being the Firekeeper of the Sacred Sweatlodge within the community. A graduate of Pitman Business College in Business Administration, Business Accounting and Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design, he wrote and designed the Database Course Curriculum for the College. A graduate of Corporate Communications Technologies in Business Promotion, Marketing, Database Development and Administration and further training in Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design. Brock does Communications, website and facebook work for Non-Profits. Brock’s most recent trainings have been with The ManKind Project on The New Warrior Training Adventure Weekend and has completed the Primary Integration Training, which will move him into a staffing position with the ManKind Project!

A Spiritual Warrior walking the Red Road of the Shamanic Journey.. with a Celtic heritage and non-status Anishinabe ñ Oji-Cree Nishnawbe-Aski Nation. Given name of Wise Owl his Totem Spirit Guides the Owl, the Black Jaguar & the Snake.. A Free Fire Spirit of The Thunderbird Clan.. Brock is an Earth Steward, Ethical and Spiritual Permacultualist. "Brock brings skills Sanctuaries really needs – both Earth steward related and virtual realm related. And a huge spirit and spiritual connection, which we think will drive us creating a Sanctuary in Canada. The vision grows." – Jim Graywolf







Janie Mcol
Janie Grost / Mcol, Great Britain

Jane Grost, aka Janie Mcol, lives on the South Coast of England and is currently working as an income officer for a non-profit charitable trust, which provides social housing in certain areas in England. Janie's spiritual journey started seven months after her inspiration Michael Jackson crossed over, wanting to carry on his legacy of loving and wanting the heal Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. Through learning to heal and have love for self found her own place in Michael's legacy and wants to share the love she feels in her heart with others. Janie now aspires to train in holistic therapies particularly using crystal, plant based and Universal energies so that she can help others, especially animals. Janie's journey has led her to work with angels, Ascended Masters and she has delved a little into Buddhism but more recently has been drawn to learning about Native American spirituality and ways, which feels like a homecoming to her. Janie's dream is to find somewhere to live where she can have her own fur family whilst fostering dogs from shelters to prepare them for finding their forever homes through re-homing, whilst continuing to help create a better world for everyone and everything to live on. "Janie is relatively new to the circle, but has brought energy and participation that furthers the mission and touches hearts." – Jim Graywolf







Sharon White, Australia

Sharon White has been in the Health and Wellness industry since 1996. As a practitioner she started her journey as a body therapist specializing in the disciplines of Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Personal Training. The desire to heal from the inside out inspired her to train in mind therapies and more specifically with the subconscious mind. She has since qualified and practices as a Journey practitioner, Master practitioner of Hypnotherapy and is a Trainer of NLP, Timeline and Matrix Therapies. Integrating her approaches and tailoring a therapeutic approach for each one of her clients, renders her with a unique understanding of their needs, which delivers long-lasting results.

Her philosophy is that no two people are the same, and with the diverse range of practitioners and approaches, clients can now make proactive decisions with respect to their own healing. Ultimately life is about achieving harmony through balance. It is clear, now more than ever in this fast-paced world, the mind, body, spirit connection is so vital. As practitioners we never stop learning and re-investing in our chosen discipline and sharing views, ideas and approaches with colleagues in a safe environment is essential to growth. In establishing GHE, Sharon fervently believes in creating a safe environment where practitioners from a myriad of disciplines could assemble in one “venue” to share ideas and approaches but also to invite potential clients from all around the world to partake in the services on offer. This portal brings a world of new clients to all practitioners while allowing all members to continue the journey of learning to move to a path of greater consciousness.

I am passionate about creating this online community that helps educate people about our connection with our physical, emotional, spiritual bodies and our connection to the earth. ….. "Sharon has been a friend and sister for some time now, as we have appreciated the circles we both walk in. It is an honor to connect even closer." – Jim Graywolf



Ma'ingan Ikwe, Unity Walkers

Boozhoo, my name is Mai'ingan Ikwe and I am a part of the #unitywalk. My partner, Neville Robins and I backpack all over the country to Protector Camps in every state, spreading the message of unity and helping camps communicate so we can further work as a more efficient team. After traveling from Standing Rock we have been to 7 camps and still have many to go. Along the way we have met some beautiful people and have had the opportunity to spread awareness that Standing Rock started… And to help water the seeds that have spread all over the world. We currently have more #unitywalkers stepping up to the plate. We have four groups traveling from camp to camp… whether by walking, biking or driving, our unity warriors travel where Creator sends them, when Creator needs them to be there. We encourage you to walk our Red Road with us as we video our travels for the world to witness. Help us educate, help us heal. The time is now to work as one… as all colors.. all walks of life. You can find all our videos on the group unity warriors, which link is listed below. Though big corporations seek to destroy us, we have become more unified than ever… And they are scared. Do not hold the knife to humanities annihilation. Help us protect our lives and ensure our future generations will survive…

Honoring Past Members

John (Jack) Martin, New Mexico/Florida

Jack was born and raised in Philadelphia. After Temple University he went to Puerto Rico to work with his brother in law. There he met his wife of 43 years Francisca. They returned to Philadelphia where he started his career in the Steel Industry. Raising three children the family relocated to Connecticut. Jack was Vice President of the Tubing Division of an International Steel Trading CO., based in New York City. In 1985 he was part of a group that formed a new Tubing Co, which he later owned. In 1997 Jack and his wife retired to New Mexico. They built a solar, wind, straw bale home 20 miles from Santa Fe. They became involved with various Sustainable Groups. Their involvement with Quest for Peace still is an important part that Jack maintains today. In honor of his wife he is part of funding Paquita's Casita's in Nicaragua. Jack is one of the Founders of SOTEM and Grandfathers for Seven Generations. He is also Managing Partner of a LLC. that invests in new Sustainable Companies. He is an active member of two Masonic Lodges, Scottish Rite, York Rite and Shriners.

"Jack is a spiritual brother and an elder in the circle whose business knowledge fills an important niche. Always ready to give what he can. A Founder and inspiritation for SOTEM." – Jim Graywolf



Jim Beard, Honorary Elder, Sedona, AZ

Jim Beard was a long time board member who served as an elder and spiritual leader during his 10 years with Sanctuaries. He was an inspirtation to all of us and although he has moved on to the Spirit World we know he is still teaching from the other side.