The Time for Visions is Now

Visions SoaringMany spiritual friends I know are wondering why their visions are now surfacing in their awareness. And the answer that keeps coming to me is that now is the time for visions to be realized. Especially visions which will help us create a healthier, saner world. And leave a legacy to be proud of you the future. Look around us friends. Do you not see so many systems and processes collapsing or at least damaged? Look at what we have done to the environment with our greed and the weather with our human impacts on climate change. If the visions do not come forth now to be manifested – when? What are we waiting for?

Visions are hard work. Difficult to carry, as I can speak to, and even more difficult to bring into reality. Even after you know what the vision is calling you to do and you understand the many levels of what you have seen. A first – huge – step in bringing forth your vision is to ask for help. You have to recoginize you can't do it all yourself. Begin to gather those around you who see the value in your vision and are willing to work with you. And then make the vision theirs as well. Give it away so you may keep it. Sounds easy, but for some it is not. Some feel they own their vision and must be the guardian and parent of it. When, in reality, those who have had a vision are keepers of that vision, meant to share it and enlist all who are willing to create from the soul of the vision.

The vision I had for Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother came to me about fifteen years ago. And was forgotten until four years ago. Then it sat in my mind and heart as I waited for some clarity around it. When I thought I understood what I had seen on the mountain so many years ago, I wrote a book which included the journey of this vision. From there my wife and I began discussing it and a friend got involved. We three came together around my books and the vision and spent a year and a half refining, debating, arguing, agreeing, dismissing and trusting in the vision of Sanctuaries. The, when time was again right, others began to appear. And my wife and I moved to yet another state – Colorado – where the vision sent us. Now we are a council circle of 13 from around the world and several thousand supporters. As I said – the time for visions is now.

Now our circle faces its' fears and doubts and moves ahead with giant strides rather than meek footsteps. Ready to backstep when needed and leap obstacles when needed a well. What comes next for this vision? Land, people, programs, legacy, teaching, learning, gathering, ceremonies – all is becoming clearer each day. And the trust of the circle in the process makes that clarity burn like an Earth bound star. My vision? No more. I am honored to have been the one given the task of carrying it and understanding it and sharing it now that the time is right. Now it is the vision of any and all in the circle who see its' merit. Beautiful!

As I watch this unfold and work with my brother and sisters on the specifics of building on the vision, I see other members of the circle having visions about the vision. One sees the building we need to build to house the programs. Another sees the documentary we will create. Another envisions the land we are seeking. And so on – around the circle. Each with a role, each needed for the vision to be complete. Just as a circle with spokes goes lopsided if one of those spokes is missing, so the vision would be damaged if one of the spokes was broken or missing. Not always easy, but so necessary, that all play their role and understand all roles are equal in a circle.

In our group forming around the vision of Sanctuaries, some have not remained as spokes in the wheel. Some were not ready for the spiritual commitment needed and had to leave. Others still had need of too much healing of their own yet to be able to avoid ego and fear – and so had to leave. Others wished to be involved only for their own benefit and so their energy was toxic to the group – and so also moved on. This was part of my vision – all were welcomed who came in good heart and pure energy. And that Creator would not allow those with wrong intent or those lacking in spiritual grounding to stay. And the Earth Mother would usher those out who would not be strong spokes in the wheel. I believe this is for all spiritual visions now growing like flowers in a spring meadow. Certainly those I am involved with and those I know of through the circles manifesting them.

Whether you are carrying a vision or have been told of another's vision, be certain now is the time. Be a spoke if you are ready. Know there will be challenges. Conditions and people walking in darkness will get in the way. And make you question yourself or the mission. The stronger the circle – the sturdier the spokes – the less effect these negative energies will have. Know, like in out Sanctuaries non-profit effort, many will come but only some will stay. Even as I am now excited by the 13 from around the world serving as spokes on the wheel with me, I also know some may move on. That is always okay. Others appear and the wheel roles forward. As long as the vision is strong and positive. It must be so. For the time for visions is now.


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  1. Mark Courtman

    AhO Jim GrayWolf!!!, 


      Hello Brother, I just finished White Man, Red Road, Five Colors, and Walking With The Mother. In addition to enjoying them greatly, I found a lot of resonance with our walks, including an amazing convergence where it seems we have converged onto a similar vision for our lives. I hold these ideas lightly because I don't know what the mystery has for us to do, meaning whether we will work directly or not.  I feel safe to say we are working in the same arena of our endeavors to be agents for "the One of us," that we serve and are "a peace of." The convergence I speak of is the endeavoring to support new sanctuaries to anchor on "Our Mother."


      Me and you were recently in the same room together, and although I wished that I could have known what I know now about the similarity of our paths then, so we could talk, it wasn't to be that time. I hope that will change. The room we were in together was up at Hawk Hill at Hummingbird in New Mexico when we were sharing time with Forest Speaker, which I enjoyed. 


     My name is Mark Courtman, Jim. I don't know if you remember me, but if you see my picture on facebook from my friend request, you might.  I am 62 years young now, although I am pretty sure they screwed up my birth certificate, as I jokingly say that I can't possibly have that many trips around the sun. 

     A little bit about my background that may show some similarities. I was born in Monroe, La to a Jewish Brooklyn born father, Sol Courtman who is almost 95 and still very vital. My mom, Bess Riley Courtman, who passed into the Spirit World fifteen or so years ago was born in backwoods Mississippi and was Baptist growing up. On my mom's side is some Native American, but to say I am mostly in white skin this time around would be very accurate.


     From a very young age I was very much into Native Americans. I can distinctly remember my mother giving me Fort Apache at age 5, and I was totally captivated playing with the little Indian guys. I looked everywhere for the real spirituality that I knew existed and inside of me in  and in Native Culture. When I was in college I met a woman named Sparky Shooting Star, who was doing a Pipe Ceremony at some people I was involved with at a healing center in Baton Rouge where I lived. From here, I soon became part of a Sundance Family that was centered in West Point Texas with Mary Thunder, Jeffrey White-Horse Hubbel and othersl. I was very fortunate to meet and do lodges and ceremonies with many awesome medicine people in form and in spirit bodies.


    I have also had the thrill of becoming wolf and eagle and getting to run and fly, although I don't think to the degree you have. I don't feel lack when I say this, I just celebrate the uniqueness you shared in your books. Maybe one day we will want to compare notes for the sheer joy of this.


    The biggest joy for me was to experience how good it felt to live so connected to spirit and laughter and love in this way and be solidly on a "Red Road,"  for 8 good years, including on the Pine Ridge and RoseBud. I still have connection with my native self and others, mostly on the inner plains . I have always experienced that the way I am and think and love is more from a Native American point of view than almost any other. I have had the gift of remembering many earth walks in red skin, but also in all the colors of the rainbow. One of my early experiences was when I was in seventh grade in a skirmish with another native tribe, when I got a tomahawk in the back and floated up into my higher self. I said something like "oh poop," in my native language when I knew that walk was up.


    I loved, love the experience you had when you got to talk with Black Elk when he came into the physical and you got to commune. Thank you so much for being willing to share that. I recognize that as a great blessing and one that was for you to experience. 


     One of my most beloved Spirit Guides is a fellow who is known in the Spirit World as White Elk. He is part of the Great White Brotherhood which I know you are familiar with. He told me from the very beginning that he would always be about love and my highest evolution, and that has been true for many, many years. I have had many experiences in this world and others, and once I had an experience that I was in a tepee with many elders, including Sitting Bull who comes to me every once in a while. These experiences are very meaningful to me, and I find great joy and thankfulness for getting to live whenever this happens.  In this experience, in the tepee, I was in my Red Robe also, and saw that I carried the "Sacred Hoop" in my heart of hearts, and that part of my job was to heal it, from the inside out. 


    I want to recognize in the beautiful walk that you share so well in your books, that you are also part of this healing as is Black Elk, whose vision he so amazingly spoke to in those books about him. I also recognize your gift of having meaningful visions that you refer to as part of one vision. Thank you again for sharing these. They are what helps me to connect with you about a similar inspiration around creating and living in sanctuaries .


    I would love to explore more with you through a skype or a phone call any ways we could support each other and what is ours to do. I relate to your walk with learning how to work with attributes like ego, anger and other aspects of most peoples' walk. I find loving these parts of myself works best, and then go from there. All this to say, that I do my best to let my Spirit and our One Spirit lead me, and to not will things to satisfy something that is less whole. This is how I am working with creating sanctuaries, letting it come to me, as I connect with the Tao. One very fortunate aspect that has come out of this, is that I am connecting on a regular basis with others who have similar resonances and who have a kind of spiritual integrity that I am drawn to.


    If you feel any resonance to my words, as I do with you, I would love to connect. My skype name is Mark.Courtman. My phone number is 575-387-2418 and my email as you can see is


    All the very best to you and yours, Jim, and goodwill to absolutely all of us,

    Many Blessings on Your Walk, Who You Are, and All You Do!!!!!


    Mark Alahumbra Courtman

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